We are best friends. Our daughters are best friends. We workout together. We play together. We fundraise for our school together.


On a walk one day this summer, brainstorming ways to fundraise for our school in the current climate of social distancing, ForGoodz was born. We knew that if we were having fundraising issues, so were many other schools and nonprofit organizations.

We also realized that local vendors and businesses were struggling. So we decided to take action.

ForGoodz is a platform that makes fundraising simple. It’s an innovative way that businesses and local schools and organizations can support one another. It’s a way to discover new local businesses and vendors, and feel good when purchasing items or services, because a percentage of every sale will go back to a worthwhile organization.

We want shoppers to feel good when they buy goods because it is always ForGoodz! Together, everyone doing good for the neighborhood.

Amy and Brooke

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